Commercial Properties for Sale and Rent in Southport

Our tagline, ‘Connect with professional, trusted estate agents’, encapsulates our commitment to simplifying the search for the perfect commercial premises.

As a dedicated local directory, we focus on Southport, Merseyside, ensuring that our clients are met with a curated selection of property experts who specialise in commercial premises for both sale and rent.

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Our Listed Commercial Properties for Sale

In our curated directory, we feature an assortment of commercial properties for sale in Southport, offering a range of business opportunities for prospective buyers.

Estate Agents in Southport

Our partnership with esteemed estate agents in Southport ensures access to prime commercial space, including retail units on the high street and large commercial estates. With agents specialising in the variety of uses within the commercial sector, prospective buyers can find properties that best suit their business needs.

Strict Vetting Process

We have implemented a strict vetting process to ensure each listing meets our standards, providing detailed information about the property. Whether it’s the specifics of a detached four-storey office building with a glazed frontage or a portal frame warehouse unit, our listings give buyers confidence in their potential investment.

Business Profile Features

Our listed properties often include a comprehensive business profile, highlighting key features like a property’s availability for a range of uses, including shops and retail. For example, property comprises a detached four-storey office building built to accommodate various business types, ensuring buyers find the right commercial space for their ventures.

Each listing is designed to offer clarity on the property’s scale and potential, aiding in informed decision-making for purchases in Southport’s dynamic market.

Our Listed Commercial Properties for Rent

Our portfolio readily meets the diverse needs of businesses looking for commercial properties in Southport, spanning from retail shops and office spaces to serviced offices and warehouses.

Connect with Local Service Providers

Our service plays a pivotal role in connecting business owners with an array of commercial properties in Southport. Occupiers include well-established retail outlets, modernised offices, and spacious warehouses, all of which are available for lease. Here is a brief overview of the types of properties available:

  • Retail Properties: Prime storefronts on high streets such as Lord Street, offering high foot traffic and visibility.
  • Offices: From Victorian properties to contemporary open-plan offices, accommodating businesses of all sizes.
  • Warehouses and Industrial: Ranging from light industrial units to larger warehouse spaces, suitable for a variety of commercial uses.

Directory Features

Our directory is meticulously curated to feature properties that are ready to accommodate a range of commercial operations. Details of the properties include:

  • Lease Information: New leases available, providing flexibility for new and expanding businesses.
  • Property Details: Specifications such as square footage, number of storeys, and amenities like private offices, kitchen and WC facilities.
  • Location Insights: Information on the immediate vicinity and the catchment area to help you assess the suitability for your business.

The Best Estate Agents in Southport for Commercial Properties:

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Fitton Estates